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Stages of Contract Lifecycle Management Series: #4 - Contract Execution

We have discussed the first three stages of contract lifecycle management: contract request, contract authoring, and contract approval. The fourth stage of contract lifecycle management is contract execution. We will cover all the important details and tasks involved in this critical stage of the contract lifecycle.

Stages of Contract Lifecycle Management Series: #3 - Contract Approval

We recently covered the second stage of contract lifecycle management – the contract authoring stage. Today, we will discuss the third stage of contract lifecycle management, the contract approval stage.

Stages of Contract Lifecycle Management Series: #1 - Contract Request

Contract lifecycle management refers to the successful administration of contracts and the manner that contributors effectively plan for each stage of a contract’s lifecycle – resulting in the elimination, mitigation, or reduction of risks.

The Top 2 Trends in Contract Management Software in 2021

As we are over halfway through the year of 2021, we can take a comprehensive look at some of the most popular technology trends in contract management software. Your business can leverage several of these revolutionary features to stay on track with your competitors. Propel your business’s contract management processes towards success with an automated, modern approach to managing contracts. Let’s discuss some of the most prominent and user-friendly contract management software trends that will streamline your business’s contract management.

An Informative Guide on How To Audit Your Contract Management System

A successful contract management system is critical to sustainable growth and the achievement of key business objectives. With bottlenecks, regularly delayed processes, and suboptimal workflows, the combination of multiple system inefficiencies can lead to prominent impacts on your business’s bottom line. When a poor contract management practice becomes a regular practice spread across thousands of contracts, the results can be detrimental and hard to recover from.

A Guide to Contract Management Legal Concepts and Terms

In contract management, there are several important legal concepts and terms that every contract manager should become familiar with. Contract managers come from many different backgrounds. Some have a strong legal foundation, while others have extensive knowledge and training areas like procurement and administration. Whatever the role or background, it’s critical to attain a basis in legal terminology and in the common legal concepts found during contract lifecycle management.

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