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5 Reasons to Adopt Electronic Signature Into Your Contract Management

Sending a contract off for signature is a process that has been revolutionized by modern technology. Thanks to leading electronic signature platforms, the signing and execution stage of contract lifecycle management is more secure and faster than ever. Electronic signature software allows businesses to send off their contracts for signature and receive signed documents back within minutes, resulting in faster contract lifecycles and more contracts executed in the same amount of time.

Why You Should Use Electronic Signatures For Your Contracts in 2022

Electronic signatures have revolutionized contract management and the business world at large. And with the introduction and global acceptance of this utility, the act of writing and collecting wet signatures for contracts is considerably outdated. In this blog, we’ll go over exactly what a wet signature is, how and why it is used, and what should be used instead. If you’re ready to learn how to transform your contracts come 2022 with a different signing solution, then a contract management system equipped with electronic signature and automation capabilities might just be the exact solution you need.

The 3 Best Online Contract Signing Software Platforms

Signing digital contracts and documents online can be a very time-consuming process. The process may involve the downloading, reformatting, and printing of documents. Then, you may have to apply a wet signature, scan the document, and reformat it once again prior to sending it back. However, digital contract signing software was designed to streamline the best e signature software process. These solutions allow users to sign and send documents within seconds to recipients worldwide.

DocuSign: A Powerful Integration for Contract Lifecycle Management

There are many integrations available today that help improve contract lifecycle management. Here at Dock, we utilize several integrations to help provide powerful contract lifecycle management. Want to learn more about some key integrations that help with contract lifecycle management? Here is a guide to contract management integrations that will give you a broad overview. Today, we will discuss contract management DocuSign as an integration option for contract management in more detail.

A Basic Guide to E-Signatures

In today’s digitally dominated business world, the development of electronic signatures has changed the way that agreements and transactions are finalized. Electronic signatures give people the ability to sign documents on digital devices at any time, in any place. Electronic signature methods are highly efficient and provide business and industry leaders yet another technological advancement to leverage for the purpose of increasing productivity and reducing turnaround times.

The Difference Between Electronic Signatures and Digital Signatures

Electronic signatures and digital signatures are used for contracts and legal agreements. There are various laws to govern the legal implications of these signature types worldwide. In the United States, the US Congress legalized electronic signatures with the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) in the year 2000. Several countries followed suit and began to legally adopt a form of electronic signature.

What Makes an Electronic Signature Legally Binding?

Using electronic signatures is an internationally recognized standard practice due to the simplicity and speed this signing method provides. E-signatures are legally binding – but how and why? As a business professional, it’s important to stay informed of the latest trends in technology so you can continue to up-level and revolutionize your business.

Top 6 Benefits of Electronic Signatures For Your Business

Adopting an electronic signature solution into your contract management system supports your business in several ways. Make the signature step of contract lifecycles seamless, accessible, and far more efficient for all parties. With today’s technological advancements, there are several benefits of electronic signature solutions to choose from that can help you gain the upper hand against your competitors. For maximal efficiency and increased speed, implementing the best online contract signing software is a necessary step to take.

The Importance of E-Signature to Your Contract Management Solution

Contract signing is one of the most important processes in contract management. Today’s electronic signature technologies revolutionized that process. Electronic signature capabilities are essential for an efficient contract management solution.

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