What To Expect After You Change A SharePoint Site URL

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Written by Alex K Joseph

Changing a SharePoint URL is a quick and efficient process. Microsoft SharePoint adjusts settings and other processes surrounding the site to ensure that the URL change is carried out smoothly. However, it is essential to have a sufficient understanding regarding what happens after changing a SharePoint URL. We recommend reading our blog, How to Change A SharePoint Site Address to get started.




Real-time Changes to Expect

When changing a SharePoint URL, the site will be set to read-only mode. In addition, a redirect from the old URL to the new URL is applied automatically. It takes a maximum of 10 minutes for the URL change to take place, and after that, all users will be redirected to the new site address. Both users who have saved the site as a favorite earlier, and users who are coming through a link, will be taken to the new site address.

Let’s see the other factors that are affected by the SharePoint site address change and what you can do to make it work like before.


Changes To Your Organization’s Apps

If you have apps that refer to your SharePoint site URL, you need to republish the apps once the URL change is complete.


Custom Forms in Power Apps

You will need to recreate custom forms after the SharePoint site address is changed.


Hub Sites

In case the SharePoint site is associated with a Hub Site, you'll need to reassociate after the URL change takes place.


Microsoft Forms

In the case of URL change in SharePoint sites that are connected to a Microsoft 365 group, your forms in Microsoft forms will be impacted. The file upload questions in forms will not work properly, so you will be required to recreate the file upload questions so that users can upload files again.


InfoPath forms

Once the site URL is changed, the InfoPath forms that refer to URLs might not work.


List View Web part

If you have a List View Web Part in your SharePoint page that is connected to a specific folder, it may show an error once the site address is changed. You can solve this issue by either editing the web part and resubmitting the folder path or by removing and adding the web part again.

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Will permissions change?

Users with permission to access the site can access the site during the site URL change. This remains the same after the change too.


OneNote changes

A notebook sync error will be shown if any of your users have a notebook open during the site address change. Once the address change is done, the OneNote apps will automatically detect the change and sync the notebooks to the new URL.


Actions required for Power Automate

Recreate the flows once the site address change is complete.


Actions required for Power Apps

You will need to delete existing connections to any SharePoint lists first. Then, you can reconnect the apps to the desired SharePoint lists. Many of the fields will update automatically, and if you find trouble updating any fields, simply delete and then undo the delete. Once this is done, your apps will be reconnected to the data source safely.


Recycle Bin and Office Apps

You can restore the files in the recycle bin according to the standard deletion timeframe even after the URL change. The Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and apps for the web will reflect the new URL automatically.

The SharePoint mobile apps for Android and iOS will also detect the new site address automatically. Just ensure that your users have the latest version of the apps.


Site Customizations and Sharing Link

You'll need to fix site customizations and the embedded code that points to URLs. Even though SharePoint preserves the data stored in the platform during the URL change, it doesn’t change URL dependencies in custom solutions.

The sharing links will automatically redirect to the new URL after the change in the site address. Once the change is completed, you need to republish the SharePoint workflow 2013.

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What changes occur to the functionalities in the Microsoft Teams app?

We suggest immediately refreshing the Files tab in your channel after the change. Files shared in the channels before the address change will stay accessible. Uploading files to channels will work as usual after a user has visited the Files tab related to any channel on the site.

Microsoft Teams will now show files from those sites that have a changed URL when a user searches for a file. You can continue to view and download the files through the Teams mobile app. However, you need to open the documents on a desktop app or web browser to edit the files. Files that are uploaded after the address change can be edited using the Office mobile apps though.

Keep these factors in mind to make the most of the SharePoint platform for increased productivity and collaboration.

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