Why Choose SharePoint Intranet?

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Written by Jessica Northey

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As time and workplaces progress, intranet portals are becoming more and more common. You may be wondering and researching why you’d need an intranet portal. This can be confusing – do you need custom-made? Online? SharePoint based template?

Do you even need an intranet portal to begin with? Of course you do! If you run a modern workplace, you need a modern digital infrastructure to support it.

We know the terminology can be confusing – so can the promises and from intranet companies. At Dock, we take pride in transparency and work to make our clients’ jobs easier, not more confusing. This is why we put together our SharePoint intranet guides for you: to help you figure out what kind of intranet will keep your business on the up and up.

If you’re searching for an intranet, you’ve no doubt come upon a lot of options: fully customized, totally turnkey, many even partially customizable solutions like Dock. If you’re an Office 365 subscriber (making use of Word, Excel and maybe Outlook?) then there is another segment of intranet you should consider: Office 365 and SharePoint-based intranet.

By definition, these are intranets built on the pre-existing structure of SharePoint and Office 365. Intranets like Dock built on the structure, tools and established trustworthy software in Office 365 to create an intranet that is beyond expectation.

Document Management Elevated

SharePoint is built for document management out-of-the-box. However, at Dock our intranet platform elevates this with improved document management capabilities. Dock takes SharePoint’s standard document management and adds added search capabilities, better tag-based storage facilities and an easy-to-use interface so that your documents will always be just where you need them.

Quick Tips for Easily Creating a SharePoint Intranet Portal Search

Use More of Office 365

If you use Office 365 for your business, chances are you’re underutilizing its capabilities. There are a lot of application and functions included in Office 365 that many modern companies haven’t kept up with like OneNote, SharePoint, Power Apps and more. By adding an intranet, you unlock the key to smoothly and easily accessing these capabilities. Dock unlocks more of your Office 365 by bringing all these tools together into one place and integrating them with each other. 

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Home Page Interface

This one is important to all SharePoint users, or those considering making the purchase, SharePoint has a lot of promising features all on its own, but with its confusing, out-of-date interface, can be really difficult for employees to figure out what they’re meant to be doing. By using a SharePoint based intranet like Dock, you’ll introduce a beautiful interface that makes SharePoint easier to use.

After all, there is no point in adding in all those extra features only to have such a difficult time using it that your employees give us. Instead Dock makes your team feel at home in their SharePoint based intranet by customizing an easy-to-use interface to match your brand’s theming and your company’s needs. We have specific portals for departments such as: 

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Take it To Go

Want to save this information for later or to share with a co-worker or manager? Our design team created a PDF for you to download here: 

Why SharePoint Intranet?


Is Dock Right for Your Team?

Just like a great pair of shoes you’re going to wear every day, or the desk chair you’re sitting in right now, it’s really hard to make a decision without actually trying something out. At Dock, we want you to make sure you get the whole experience before you make a decision. 

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