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Written by Jessica Northey

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SharePoint intranet is the key to empowering strong and seamless collaboration among your company's employees. When you're ready to transform your employees into the team you know they can be, get ready for Dock. 

Employee Resources for Company-wide Collaboration

Empower your employees to manage many of their own tasks independently. Your employees will be able to view their payroll and benefits, request time off, view the handbook and FAQs as well as managing their own training in the same place. You can access an HR Portal benefits video and clickable off-boarding checklist here. If you'd like to learn more about the Employee Resources Portal for more details about how Dock can assist in empowering your team to see them grow, click here

Sales Team Collaboration

With our simple to use customer relationship management (CRM) PowerApp enables your company's sales teams to organize and optimize its customer relations and sales results. Learn how easy it is for employee adoption of our mobile CRM app to manage field sales force. In addition, you can use Power BI to analyze your sales team’s performance with only a few clicks. Read more here.

Vendor Collaboration

SharePoint extranet portal lets you create a space for external partners to gain access to specific content and for online collaboration. It’s a way for partners to securely conduct business with your organization. Your partners are limited to the content that they need and nothing more. The days of emailing documents bank and forth are obsolete. Read more about it here. See how the vendor management portal works here.

Marketing Team Collaboration

Imagine your SharePoint site offering the kind of CMS intranet of your dreams. An employee intranet that offers improved content management and publishing with ease. With simple online collaboration tools, you’ll have better approval mechanism for your content while storing your digital assets into one place on a cloud-based server. Read more here

SharePoint Mobile App for Collaboration on the Go

Stay connected with your work and colleagues using your mobile phone. Download the SharePoint app for Apple iOS or Android to connect your SharePoint site instead of browsing via native browser.  The SharePoint application helps them to keep sync with the updated documents, team sites, departmental portals and the users that work together. Read more about it here


Think Outside the Box

Dock is customizable intranet built on the power of SharePoint and Office 365. With communication and collaboration integrated in every feature, Dock makes teamwork effortless and natural, whether your employees are separated by a few cubicles or a few thousand miles. Choosing the best intranet is important! The path to choosing can be difficult so we want to provide you with a step-by-step guide to picking the intranet that will be the perfect fit for your business. 

Want to learn more about Dock's innovative intranet solution? Schedule your free live demo to truly experience how Dock can transform your employees into a commutative, cohesive team.

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