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How to Change the Home Site in SharePoint Online

There are several scenarios that necessitate the change of the home Site in SharePoint Online. To properly change your SharePoint Online Home Site, we've created a tutorial below to walk you through the process so you can change the site properly. To start, the SharePoint Home Site is the landing page in which all users come first when they enter your organization’s SharePoint environment or intranet. It should have links to all important portals, resources, document libraries, conversations, news, and events in your organization. This makes it very important to plan and design your home site precisely. Before getting into how to change home site in SharePoint Online, let's first learn about how to prepare for the home site change.

How To Set Up Global Navigation in the SharePoint App Bar

The SharePoint app bar makes it easy to navigate to your sites, files, lists, and news posts. Global navigation is a key highlight of the SharePoint app bar that allows users to configure common navigation to the most important and commonly-used resources and content in your organization’s SharePoint environment. In this blog, we will show you how to set up the Global navigation facility in your SharePoint app bar.

How To Use the SharePoint App Bar

The SharePoint App Bar makes it easier to discover content and resources in your SharePoint environment, enhancing the overall SharePoint experience in multiple ways. In this blog, we discuss how to maximize your use of the SharePoint App bar.

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