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How to Arrange Your Wiki Pages with Tile View

I was at the client-side last week for user training and the users were suggesting me with a Wiki Site Management feature. I was like, all your wiki links is going to stay at the left navigation for sure, but what more could we do to make it more appealing? I happened to look at my start button and saw the tiles and I was like “wow” I think I got an idea! So, I told the users about it and they said yes to it! Let us show you on how to arrange Wiki Pages with tile view.

How to Limit Search Results to a Desired Content Source for Microsoft SharePoint 2016

Here’s our latest blog on SharePoint Search. Let’s say the Finance Team requires a standalone search feature for sharing their audit documents (confidential documents). In SharePoint 2010, there is a provision to create search scope and added rules for including the specific content source into it.
In SharePoint 2013, the search scopes are replaced by result sources. So how do we create a result source for limiting search results only from a desired content source in Microsoft SharePoint 2016?

Does SharePoint and Yammer go along with your Intranet?

All right, so you might be using Yammer to the fullest and we think you should be knowing a little better. How Yammer can fit into SharePoint? Do you think it’s easy to setup the App Service in SharePoint?

SharePoint OOB Tips from the Dock Intranet Team

We have certified resources on how to make the best use of SharePoint Intranet solutions.

How SharePoint Intranet Portal Helps Heavy Equipment Firms Attain Productivity

Microsoft SharePoint Online is inevitable for every business these days. It is a perfect suite for efficient, flexible and cost-effective application for your business. However, we're going to discuss how a dedicated intranet portal can specifically assist those working in the heavy equipment industry.

Exclusive: Microsoft OneDrive is the Leader – Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Collaboration Platforms

It doesn’t matter if your colleagues are working across the office walls or globe. Microsoft plays a great role in facilitating employee collaboration with its flagship products such as Office 365 and Dynamics 365, where SharePoint and OneDrive for Business offers the perfect document management features for its users.

How good is SharePoint Online for Service Distribution Companies?

Well, there has been a drastic change in terms of companies relying on Intranet solutions to boost efficiency, collaboration and competitiveness. Even large organizations are moving towards cloud solutions so that its easily accessible to users as well as cost-effective. Who would say no to Office 365, SharePoint Online and Skype for Business? That’s like oxygen for a workplace.

Tech News: Page Metadata Arrives to Microsoft SharePoint Online

Having an Employee Intranet Portal is to make sure that the information reaches your desired audience. Now, you will be able to tag SharePoint Pages with metadata properties so you can target different audience like locations, departments, job roles etc. This means you have dynamic content for your SharePoint Intranet Portal which is more effective than the standard intranet portal offerings.

Features of an Intranet Portal for Media Agencies

Several small media agencies that work on web-related marketing or having employees spread across different cities will deploy and perhaps follow top-notch solutions for their Company Intranet.

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