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How To Create a Multilingual SharePoint Site

Everyone loves to read content in their preferred language. When you have a diverse community in your organization, it's necessary to ensure that your content is available in various languages. Today, SharePoint Intranets are very common, and Microsoft SharePoint is equipped with an excellent multilingual feature, allowing users to configure SharePoint Communication Sites in multiple languages. Multilingual SharePoint sites serve to support teams by offering content that everyone can read in their preferred language. In today's blog, we share a step-by-step tutorial demonstrating how to create multilingual sites in SharePoint Online, as well as how to translate your SharePoint content to different languages.

An Overview of the Multilingual Features in SharePoint

Consider you are an organization based in the USA with offices in different countries like Russia, France, India and Germany. Say you are trying to deploy SharePoint in your entire company. It is highly inappropriate to force all your employees to work in English. In many parts of the world, language is as sensitive as gender, race or religion. Luckily, SharePoint has multilingual features.

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