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How To Track Changes During the Contract Review Process

Tracking changes, or more commonly known as “redlining”, is a step within contract lifecycle management that refers to the editing of contract terms. Tracking changes often times requires several individuals and/or legal teams to comment on, review, and make suggestions or adjustments to the most current iteration of contract terms. The redlining step is widely accepted as the most time-consuming stage within a contract’s lifecycle, as this stage can take several months or years to complete. This is because organizations typically require the input from several departments and parties during the contract review. During the redlining step, several phases occur as the document is edited in rounds, where various parties take the document, edit it, then pass it to the other parties multiple times as the document undergoes several revisions.

How to Setup Document Version Control in SharePoint

You are in for an important client meeting and you need the latest version of a critical project report for the meeting.  You start searching for it in the likely folders and even made use of the search box to just not find the required document for the presentation. 

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