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SharePoint Workflows – Achieving Success with SharePoint Intranet

If you’re using SharePoint then chances are streamlining your business is a big priority for you. When you signed up, you were promised document management, integrated SharePoint workflows and instantly more cohesive teamwork. However, as you have probably figured out, with SharePoint you can’t just flip a switch for these things. There is a lot of confusing prep-work involved.

How to use SharePoint Intranet for Contract Management

At Dock, we understand that contracts can be the lifeline of a company. If you’re using the standard SharePoint intranet portal for document management, you might run into some issues with customizing your workflow for specifically contract workflow management.

Are you asking yourself if the contract has been approved from legal review? How can your SharePoint site delegate it to the right paralegal?

How to Search for Sensitive Content in SharePoint and OneDrive

So, you’re looking to find ways to search for sensitive content through your company’s SharePoint intranet portal. Safety should be your company’s number one priority when maintaining your sensitive data in SharePoint securely.

Office 365 provides the capabilities for email with data loss prevention (DLP) along with several built-in sensitive information types you can use for your

Leverage Microsoft Content Services with Dock Intranet

A Change in Enterprise Content Management Strategy

Looking back since 2015, there has been a drastic change in the organization’s need for content management. Content is always a critical digital asset for every organization. How do you manage it is a tricky question. The approach begins from how you create, manage and share content. No more traditional enterprise content management techniques anymore. We need to keep up with the dynamic content services. That’s exactly we at Dock is striving for.

Custom SharePoint Intranet Portal for Board Meetings

Dock 365 is the best intranet solution for customizing SharePoint sites for your business, whether it’s a financial institute to businesses such as medical facilities. We can help your company build an intranet portal by providing a knowledge management document system to smoothly organize content.

With SharePoint and Office 365, Dock has developed a platform to clearly display the needs for any business. Specifically, a new feature has been created for board

6 Fantastic Features that Automates Your Business Process

Dock, powered by Microsoft SharePoint online, comes with plenty of features out of the box. Even though we have leveraged the SharePoint capabilities to the fullest, our SharePoint Intranet experts can customize Dock SharePoint intranet to look and operate the way you need it to the most.

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