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Office 365 based Project Management Solution has better User Adoption-Why?

A whopping 155 million  users use Microsoft Office 365 to complete their everyday business activities. The web based business application platform has limitless potential when it comes to empowering users, improving collaboration, communication and productivity. But there's more to Office 365 than just collaboration tools. The platform has immense Project Management capabilities . Several applications like Planner, To-Do, Project Online are available for Office 365 subscribers to efficiently manage their tasks and projects.

Why Businesses Love Dock 365?

Dock 365 is a clean, easy-to-use, all-encompassing modern and customizable  intranet solution powered by Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365.  With communication and collaboration at its core,  Dock ensures seamless collaboration no matter whether your employees are separated by a few cubicles or a few thousand miles.

Why Credit Unions need a Customized SharePoint Intranet ?

Intranets and  credit unions share a lot of similarities.  Wow, that's news ! Isn't it ? Let's get into the details. Unlike other financial institutions, members can influence  a credit union's operation. Thus, it is essential for credit unions to operate in a more collaborative  and transparent manner. Having said that, it was the same requirements that gave birth to Intranet. A platform where people can communicate, collaborate and create. 

Utilizing the best SharePoint Features that can benefit your HR Team daily

Does your organization have an Office 365 subscription? Then Microsoft SharePoint  is something you get automatically. Even though SharePoint was around since 2001, it wasn’t until 2007 SharePoint release that organizations across the globe started harnessing the platform for collaboration, communication, document management and much more. 

Experience the NextGen Office 365 Project Management

Is Project Management something you do every day? You would surely know how chaotic and difficult it can be at times to handle multiple projects wherein different teams are involved. It's so easy to get files mixed up from different departments. Not to mention that keeping up with several project timelines can also get confusing in itself. Viola! You are presented with an Office 365 project management solution-Dock NextGen Project Management Solution.

A comprehensive solution powered by Office 365 and SharePoint that helps you successfully meet project deadlines with ease.

Introducing Dock NextGen project management solution

Operations keep the lights on, strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the train engine that moves the organization forward”- Joy Gumz

Amazing Benefits of SharePoint Sales Portal

 “While it is sometimes difficult to draw the line at where the marketing process ends, and the sales efforts begin, the sales effort is the effort that actually collects the money… or the obligation to buy”

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