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Deciding Elements in SharePoint Online Content Discovery

4/11/19 7:30 AM / by Alex K Joseph posted in search components


Finding relevant content in the SharePoint Online environment is easy. We have talked about it earlier! Today, we are going to present you some vital information about how you can make sure that your content can be found while searching. The basic process in getting that done is by letting the content crawled and entered to the search index. This is how Google and other search engines work, and the same thing applies here too. Here are the deciding elements in SharePoint Online content discovery.

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How to Guarantee Relevant Search Results in SharePoint Online - Part 2

4/3/19 8:00 AM / by Alex K Joseph posted in SharePoint Site, search components


The first part of this blog series explained a list of elements which can be managed to guarantee relevant search results in SharePoint Online. This part explains the rest of the elements in the list. Let’s see what are the other factors that can be managed to show the right results in SharePoint Online.

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Overview of Search Components in SharePoint Server

12/19/18 9:09 AM / by Sneha Gopal posted in SharePoint Intranet Portal, SharePoint server, search components


Structuring the search architecture essentially depends on the fact where the user intends to use search i.e. the enterprise or  Internet sites. The search architecture consists of  search components and databases. While building the search architecture, there are different factors to be considered including fault tolerance, volume of your content, high availability, estimated amount of page views and queries per second, etc. 

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