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5 Myths About Intranet Portals Solved

5/13/19 8:53 AM / by Alex K Joseph posted in Intranet, Intranet Portal


Businesses around the world are using a wide variety of concepts and technology to meet their goals. Intranet Portals are one such concept that is welcomed and applauded by organizations of different sizes, and fields. However, there are several myths about Intranets that are holding back several organizations from exploiting this wonderful opportunity to organize, collaborate, and communicate with everyone important for their business. Efficient document sharing and storage, project management, Human resource management, employment training, etc are some of the basic features offered by an intranet portal.

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Organize your SharePoint sites with new “change the look” options

2/5/19 10:30 AM / by Sneha Gopal posted in SharePoint, Intranet, Site Design, Site Footer, Look and Feel, Sites, Theme, Site Header


It is time to customize the look of your SharePoint site to reflect your brand's values and ethos with new “change the look” options. Sites(portals) are an integral part of organizations as these platforms bring together people and information. Thus, sites should work for you enhancing employee engagement and productivity. 

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Why Office 365 & SharePoint are Perfect for Contract Management ?

11/27/18 7:30 AM / by Sneha Gopal posted in Office 365, SharePoint, Contract Management, Intranet


Are you still storing your business critical contracts in databases or shared drives ? This scattered and unorganized storage of contracts result in misplaced agreements, lost business opportunities, missed renewal dates, penalties and much more. Organizations with a poor Contract Management System lose 9.2% of revenue every year.

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