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11 Must Have Features Your Intranet Portal Should Have in 2021

You need quality tools for quality work. There's only so much your team can do if your company is using an outdated corporate intranet portal. With 2021 just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about upgrading your intranet. We know this can be a stressful process, that's why we put together a list of must-have features you should expect from your corporate intranet portal software.

5 Ways To Utilize Intranet Portal For Employee On-Boarding

Employee on-boarding is a process that asks for a lot of attention and effort, also an important feature that an intranet portal should boast. You know how stressful it is for both the new hires as well as the HR people. Intranet portal can help you reduce the difficulty level in handling the on-boarding process. All you need is to know how to utilize the capabilities of an intranet to make the process smooth. We would like to give you a detailed insight of 5 exceptional ways to utilize intranet portal for employee on-boarding.

5 Myths About Intranet Portal: Solved

Businesses around the world are using a wide variety of concepts and technology to meet their goals. An Intranet Portal is one such concept that is welcomed and applauded by organizations of different sizes, and fields. However, there are several myths about Intranet portal that are holding back several organizations from exploiting this wonderful opportunity to organize, collaborate, and communicate with everyone important for their business. Efficient document sharing and storage, project management, Human resource management, employment training, etc are some of the basic features offered by an intranet portal.


Organize your SharePoint sites with new “change the look” options

It is time to customize the look of your SharePoint site to reflect your brand's values and ethos with new “change the look” options. Sites(portals) are an integral part of organizations as these platforms bring together people and information. Thus, sites should work for you enhancing employee engagement and productivity. 

Intranet for Small Business

Intranets can be a powerful tool for streamlining and revolutionizing small businesses. Due to an intranet’s higher costs and high time investments, many small businesses don’t assume that creating a small business SharePoint intranet will be helpful for them. 

Create a Small Business SharePoint Intranet and Boost Your Business Productivity

Create a Small Business SharePoint Intranet and Boost Your Business Productivity

You can create a Small Business SharePoint Intranet to boost your business productivity exceptionally.  There are different factors that demands special caution when creating Intranets for Small Businesses. You need an expert intranet provider like us for that purpose.

While it’s true, intranets are important tools for large and mid-size corporations, a well-scaled intranet is a great opportunity for small businesses to grow effectively, too. Today we’re going to step back and take a look at how creating a small business SharePoint intranets can benefit the modern small business.

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