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Why Office 365 & SharePoint are Perfect for Contract Management ?

11/27/18 7:30 AM / by Sneha Gopal posted in Contract Management, SharePoint, Office 365, Intranet


Are you still storing your business critical contracts in databases or shared drives ? This scattered and unorganized storage of contracts result in misplaced agreements, lost business opportunities, missed renewal dates, penalties and much more. Organizations with a poor Contract Management System lose 9.2% of revenue every year.

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Why You Need To Be Using SharePoint with Office 365

11/12/18 4:55 PM / by Alex Kinter posted in SharePoint, Office 365, Intranet, Why SharePoint, Enterprise Portal, SharePoint Intranet, Intranet Portal, Office 365 Intranet, Office 365 Portal, Portal 365, SharePoint Intranet Portal, Sales Portal, Department Portal, Employee Portal, Management Portal, Custom Intranet Software, Custom Intranet Software System, Software Portals, Intranet Web Portal, Corporate Portal Software, Business Portal Software, Corporate Intranet



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Contract Management Made Easy

11/9/18 8:00 AM / by Sneha Gopal posted in SharePoint Intranet, Contract Management, Intranet


A business discipline in its own right, Contract Management is a key factor when it comes to  a company’s strategic requirements and ultimately success. Contract Management Process can either be a boon or bane, depending on how it is managed. 

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