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Blog-Series: Latest Power BI Desktop Feature Updates - Part I

The month of August is a harbinger of good news for Power BI users across the globe it seems. The release rolls out a wide gamut of features that address the top requests from users. Let’s walk through the all-new exciting features!

Best Integration Features for your SharePoint Online/Office 365

By integrating SharePoint Online and O365, Microsoft counts on the endless possibilities with the most used collaboration platform that empowers document management, IT support, team collaboration, financial reporting, web portals, project management, knowledge management and much more. The only issue that we see is very few organizations are taking time to leverage the Office 365 features that they already have!

How SharePoint Usage Reports Help Our Clients Track User Activity

Ever wondered how to evaluate or find out how many users are visiting your SharePoint Site? Forget about just visiting, would you be interested in knowing what they are editing or viewing, even if it’s a project team site, department site or executive workspace?

Power BI for Sales Teams powered by SharePoint

Power BI is an amazing business analytics service that enables anyone to visualize and analyze data. At Dock, we have integrated Power BI with Dock Sales Module to provide the best experience for the Sales Team.

Visio Collaboration & Business Intelligence

“What is scarce in all of this abundance is human attention.” – Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer Microsoft. It’s important to show the more essential information and visuals can take the most complex data into a way everyone can understand. Visio offers organizational management, process modeling, facility management, IT operations and management, mind mapping and operation insights.

Power BI Series – Top Questions You Must Ask Yourself – Part III

Thanks to the readers for the overwhelming response! I’m pretty sure everyone is searching for Power BI themes and related queries. As promised, here are the next set of questions:

Power BI Series – Top Questions You Must Ask Yourself – Part II

Hello everyone! Hope you enjoyed reading my previous blog on the Power BI Series. As discussed earlier, I received more Q&A on Power BI and this will help you attain in-depth knowledge about this solution.

Power BI Series – Top Questions You Must Ask Yourself – Part I

Lately, people have been searching online for Power BI. Reason why? Because it’s one of the most recommended business intelligence tool available today. Power BI comes with your Office 365 Subscription for free, depending on your plan subscription.

How to get Microsoft Graph API Data on Microsoft Power BI

Good Morning Everyone! We are having a great week with lots of SharePoint projects. In the last three weeks, we have been getting queries regarding Power Apps and Power BI. After Microsoft has introduced free Power BI licenses for Office 365 Accounts (in the E3 Plan), users have started leveraging the integration capabilities of Power BI apps in our SharePoint Intranet Portal.

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