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How to Manage External Guests in Microsoft SharePoint and Teams

Businesses and organizations around the world are getting smarter and future-ready with Microsoft Solutions. Advanced collaboration, communication, and data management capabilities are highlights of Microsoft solutions. The University of Otago in New Zealand recently exploited these possibilities to enrich their student experiences and engagement systems. Your business can also make use of these possibilities if you have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription. For every organization, it is challenging to collaborate or engage with external guests. Both Microsoft SharePoint and Teams are platforms that come with outstanding external guest managing capabilities. Let us see how to manage Microsoft Teams External Guest Access and SharePoint Guest Access with good control.

What You Should Know About SharePoint Admin Role in Microsoft 365

Microsoft SharePoint is outstanding when it comes to letting people work together. As it is now a major hub for businesses to empower teamwork and coordination of work, understanding how this platform is run is important. You should know the people who will be playing a critical role in its easy running too. SharePoint Admins have many key responsibilities and tasks to perform when it comes to day-to-day effectiveness in managing such a platform. We will tell you what you should know about SharePoint Admin Role in Microsoft 365.

How to restore deleted files in new SharePoint Admin Center?

In this blog we discuss how you can restore deleted files in the new SharePoint Admin Center. When a global or SharePoint admin in Office 365 deletes a site, it is moved to the site collection Recycle Bin and retained for 93 days. After 93 days, sites and their content and settings are permanently deleted, including:

How To Sign Out Inactive Users in SharePoint and OneDrive?

Attention global and SharePoint admins in Office 365, this blog post can help you control user access to SharePoint and OneDrive data on un-managed devices. Idle session sign-out is an excellent feature that can be used with SharePoint and OneDrive to achieve optimum user productivity while ensuring data security irrespective of the user's location, device type or how secure their network connection is.

How To Manage User Profiles in SharePoint Admin Center

This blog post is for organizations that need to work with user profile settings and it describes the common tasks.

Exploring The New SharePoint Admin Center

With an aim to redefine administration to be more powerful, simpler and intuitive, Microsoft has introduced a completely revamped SharePoint Admin center. "An administrative console designed to help IT achieve more, so their users can achieve more."

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