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3 Contract Management KPI’s You Should Be Tracking

Is your contract management process making favorable returns as you think? Do you find any bottlenecks that may affect the contract process at the very bottom line?

Top 3 Pitfalls in Vendor Contracts

Ever wonder why organizations often fail to process the vendor contract process efficiently and effortlessly?

Three Optimization Hacks For A Better Contract Management Process

Every business requires an automated contract management system to track significant milestones in their business contract deals. An efficient automated contract management system detaches all manual processes to centralize your document repository and thereby boost workflow efficiency. If you are not yet familiar with the optimization ways for a better contract management system for your organization, don’t worry! Here is our next blog, where we have explained the 3 specific ways to boost your contract management software.

Why You Should Focus on Implementing A Risk Management Process

In every organization, new and emerging plans turn out to be obsolete or undermined if it is met with rising risks. Such unresolved external or internal risks get escalated in a timely manner and seriously hit the productivity and profit goals of an organization. 

Tips for Employee Performance Management System

A company's performance is synonymous with its employees'. Industry giants have witnessed their profits grow annually as they invested more into boosting their employee performance management processes and productivity. Facebook's per-employee profits, based on last year's profit of $16 billion divided by their number of employees, made $634,694 per employee. Another example is Apple who made $48.3 billion last year, and had an average per-employee earning of $393,097. Microsoft raked in $21.2 billion in 2018, which comes out to $171,000 per employee.

Ways to Improve the Employee Onboarding Process

In the wake of the average employee turnover rate increasing, companies are looking for ways they can boost employee engagement. According to a 2019 Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report, the annual average turnover rate in the U.S. is 44.3%. This increased amount of turnover in companies costs around $82,580 roughly 20 employees leave a company. 

How to Create an Effective Employee Training and LMS

Every company recognizes the need for a skilled workforce, but that doesn’t mean they always invest the necessary resources , like an LMS, into building one. Beyond the initial training to prepare an employee for a position, many employers don’t offer training opportunities. In 1995, the average employee only received 11 hours of training per year as opposed to the average worker receiving 2.5 weeks of training in 1979. As of 2011, only 1 in 5 workers report receiving on the job training at all. Of this number, many aren’t receiving effective training.

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Effective Tips for Building Customer Relationships and CRM

One of the biggest puzzles that employers face is figuring out how to manage customer relationships and CRM. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions to each customer interaction. You must be reactive and adaptive to maintain good relations. We know that building strong customer relationships can be difficult and time-consuming. An efficient CRM can effectively streamline the customer relationship processes.

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