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User Experience in A Multi-Geo Environment Explained – Part 2

5/22/19 8:59 AM / by Alex K Joseph posted in Office 365, Intranet Portal, SharePoint Blog, Microsoft Search


We have explained a handful of instances regarding the end user experience in the Multi-Geo environment, in the first part of this blog. Let’s continue learning about some more instances in this streak, by putting more light into your understanding about a OneDrive Multi-Geo Configuration.

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Classic Vs. Modern Search Experience in SharePoint Online

3/18/19 11:57 AM / by Sneha Gopal posted in SharePoint Online, Microsoft Search



It is a well-known fact that SharePoint Online offers both a classic and modern search experience. The same search index is utilized by both search experiences to find results.

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Understanding Modern Search Experience in SharePoint Online

3/1/19 12:06 PM / by Sneha Gopal posted in SharePoint Intranet Portal, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Search


Microsoft Search effortlessly brings searching work and the web together in one experience. Use Microsoft Search for a simple, fast, powerful, and safer way to get the right information at the right time in any browser and on any device.

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