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SharePoint for Every Industry: Heavy Equipment Distribution

Every industry has unique and unexpected business processes, so when a heavy equipment distributor in Alabama came to us wondering if customized SharePoint intranet was the answer to their organizational problems, we were excited to take on the challenge.

SharePoint Templates: How to De-SharePoint SharePoint

Let’s face it. SharePoint is not the most user-friendly application. Many people get started using Microsoft SharePoint with high hopes and quickly realize that it’s going to take a lot more work that they are prepared for. That’s when the Google searches start: how to fix SharePoint, custom SharePoint, SharePoint templates. If that’s the path you’re following, trust us, you are not alone.

News and Announcements: Dock’s Newest Feature

We’re very excited to announce the newest feature to Dock’s customized SharePoint intranet: News and Announcements. The news and announcements feature is a portal where you can share longer-form news and announcements to your team.

What is SharePoint Intranet Series: Choosing an Intranet for Your Industry

Welcome back to our series where we try to answer the real questions about Microsoft SharePoint. In the last article, we started with the basics by explaining what customized SharePoint modern intranet means. In this installation, we’re going to help you understand how to choose the best intranet for your business, no matter what industry you’re in.

SharePoint Workflows – Achieving Success with SharePoint Intranet

If you’re using SharePoint then chances are streamlining your business is a big priority for you. When you signed up, you were promised document management, integrated SharePoint workflows and instantly more cohesive teamwork. However, as you have probably figured out, with SharePoint you can’t just flip a switch for these things. There is a lot of confusing prep-work involved.

Incorporating Technology in Your Credit Union

As technology grows and develops, it’s becoming more important to consider incorporating it into your credit union. The concept of the technology can be both scary and exciting, but with the help of a technology partner like Dock, the transition will be a breeze.

Company Intranet: Finding the Right Intranet for Your Whole Team

Finding a company intranet that will work for every team in your business is hard. You’ll need to consider things like file storage for marketing collateral, contact management for the sales team and automated workflows to help the HR team.

How to Improve Employee Productivity with SharePoint Intranet

Keeping your employees productive is the most important way to keep costs low and stick to deadlines. Instead of just verbally encouraging productivity, with SharePoint intranet, you can hand your employees tools that will make productivity easier.

Affordable Intranet Portals

SharePoint intranet like you’ve never seen before

Your tastes in technology are expensive; your intranet shouldn’t be. After all, the purpose of the intranet portal is to improve your revenue by streamlining your business processes. If your intranet costs are out of hand, this can’t be the case.

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