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Who Benefits from an Intranet?

As a business owner, somewhere along the line has probably encouraged you to get an intranet. Intranet is one of those business buzzwords thrown around at networking events and from pestering technology providers. What does it really mean though. Who benefits from an intranet anyways?

Is SharePoint intranet right for your team? Take this quiz to find out!

Are you considering a SharePoint Intranet? Or are you looking for the key to organizing your team? Intranet portals can mean a large investment in time, effort and finances, so it’s important to do some due diligence before making your decision. At Dock, we want to help you decide. Take this quiz and at the end we’ll help you tally up your answers!

3 Signs You Should Make the Change to SharePoint Intranet

Is productivity lacking in your office? What about collaboration? It might be time to revisit your intranet solution. If you have an intranet, is it meeting all your needs? If you don’t have an intranet, how is your team communicating currently?

Why Choose Dock for Your Intranet

Choosing a New Intranet

Thinking of getting a new intranet? Sometimes it's hard to cut through the false promises and marketing jargon, so we'll cut to the chase. Dock is SharePoint intranet like you've never seen before. We didn't just make a pretty interface to disguise your old SharePoint environment – we transformed it. We've added features like integrated workflows, an internal app market and enhanced search.

5 Things About SharePoint Intranet Your Employees Want You to Know

Choosing your sharepoint intranet can be hard. There are a lot of choices with a lot of different promises and features. Upkeeping your intranet is even harder. From day one, your intranet requires maintenance and upkeep to keep your employees satisfied because if your employees don’t like your intranet it’s going to be awfully hard to convince them to use it.

Intranet for Small Business

Intranets can be a powerful tool for streamlining and revolutionizing small businesses. Due to an intranet’s higher costs and high time investments, many small businesses don’t assume that creating a small business SharePoint intranet will be helpful for them. 

Create a Small Business SharePoint Intranet and Boost Your Business Productivity

Create a Small Business SharePoint Intranet and Boost Your Business Productivity

You can create a Small Business SharePoint Intranet to boost your business productivity exceptionally.  There are different factors that demands special caution when creating Intranets for Small Businesses. You need an expert intranet provider like us for that purpose.

While it’s true, intranets are important tools for large and mid-size corporations, a well-scaled intranet is a great opportunity for small businesses to grow effectively, too. Today we’re going to step back and take a look at how creating a small business SharePoint intranets can benefit the modern small business.

What are Intranet Systems

Intranet systems are productivity tools that help a business run more smoothly. You’ll notice intranet sounds a lot like internet, because they are very similar tools. However, where the internet connects many different organizations and information systems openly; an intranet is internal, connecting one business or organization privately.

Three Tips to Improve Employee Productivity

Time is Money

It’s one of the most annoying, overused mantras in the history of mantras, but we can’t help but repeat it. Why? Because it’s true. A disorganized team can cause a significant revenue loss by holding up production or payment processes or wasting time doing things in a sloppy order.

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