SharePoint Trends and Techniques

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How to Manage Pages in Your SharePoint Site?

Knowledge about finding and managing pages in your SharePoint Sites gives you total control. The tips here let you find pages in a SharePoint Site effortlessly and enlighten you on how to restore a SharePoint Page to a previous version. Further, you can also learn how to unpublish a page and steps to turn external sharing On or Off for a site.
Pages library is where all pages are stored in your SharePoint Site.

What Are The Steps to Configure Page Approval?

This week’s SharePoint tips and tricks give you information about configuring page approval. Learn about the steps to configure page approval, how to turn off page approval, and steps to delete the page approval flow. Above all, you will also get some handy tips to make the configure page approval process most effective.

How to check out a file from a document library?

Check Out, Check In and Versions are important features that let users manage files and documents in a library effectively. Learn how to check out and check in files to a SharePoint Document Library. You can also discover how to discard a check out from a document library, and steps to make it mandatory to check out a file before editing.

How to change the default experience for lists and libraries in SharePoint Online?

Learn how to change the default experience of lists and libraries in SharePoint Online. You can also understand how to easily know who has files checked out in SharePoint Online, steps to choose which column to display in a document library, and tips to choose which column to display in a document library. There are also handy tips on how to arrange the columns in a document library.

How to Install the Page Diagnostics Tool?

Page diagnostics tool for SharePoint Online can help you enhance the performance of SharePoint. Learn how to install the Page Diagnostics Tool and analyze classic publishing pages and pages on classic team sites. Get to know tips to use the Diagnostics Tab and the Network Trace Tab. Furthermore, you can learn how to enable the Microsoft Support Level Feature.

How to Enable Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics

Using the Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics option available within the Power BI, you can gain useful insights on how your organization is adopting to various Office 365 services. Learn how to enable Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics, how to instantiate the content pack in Power BI, and steps to make the collected data anonymous. There are also tips to get started with those reports.

How to share a dashboard or report in Power BI?

Learn how to share a dashboard or report in Power BI. This week’s SharePoint & Office 365 Tips and Tricks shows how to check who has access to a dashboard or report you shared, and how to stop others from sharing the dashboard/report. Do you want to turn off resharing for a dashboard or report you have already shared? we have a solution for that too.

Learn How to Add and Delete Users to Office 365

Learn how to add and delete users to Office 365. Get to know about different ways through which you can add bulk numbers of users to Office 365. Know who can perform these actions and what are the procedures.

How to Change the Default Link Type for Sharing Files and Folders in SharePoint Online?

Sharing files and folders with a link in SharePoint and OneDrive is a popular feature. Learn how to change the default link type for sharing files and folders in SharePoint Online. You can also learn how to restrict domains in external sharing in SharePoint Online.

How to Get Started with Microsoft Search in Office

Microsoft Search is an intelligent search facility that helps you to find people, files, and everything you want to find within and even from outside your Microsoft ecosystem. Learn how to get started with Microsoft Search in Office, and how to get help for using an application from Microsoft Search.

Manage Featured Links Section

You can add links to important sites and content in the SharePoint start page. This will make it easier to access those frequently accessed content. This is done by adding those links to the Featured Links section in the left pane of the SharePoint Start Page.

Tips to Process the Tasks Effectively

The first step to start monitoring the apps is to add them to the list of apps you wish to track. Here are some handy tips to process the tasks effectively.