Our Experience with the Latest SharePoint Migration Tool v2

Hello everyone! Last month we had seen Microsoft’s announcement on the beta version of the SharePoint Migration Tool. The focus was to include support for SharePoint Lists, destination site creation and much more. Glad that the SharePoint Migration Tool 2.0 is here!

Microsoft Free SharePoint Migration Tool vs MyGrator 365


Do you find yourself worried about your complex document migration issues? We have a perfect solution to share with you. Dock’s MyGrator 365 can help you simplify the process by assisting you to easily move all your files to SharePoint without causing any impact to your users. Instead of wasting your time with the free migration tool available in the market. We imagine you tried moved to SharePoint online but due to file migration concerns and it's taking up valuable business hours or too much server time is down, you're online searching for solutions.

How to Migrate Content to SharePoint Online

Do you need to move your legacy SharePoint documents to an online platform, but you’re procrastinating because you dread by moving them manually? You understand it could take up a lot of your precious time so you want to find a better way, a more efficient way. 

We’re here to guide you to that better path.