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Steps to Create Distribution Groups in The Microsoft 365 Admin Center

10/4/19 8:46 AM / by Alex K Joseph posted in Contract Management, Office 365 Portal, SharePoint Blog


Distributions lists are a very practical and sensible feature to send emails to multiple people at a time. This is very helpful for large teams to keep each one in their group informed about the latest developments. There are many more benefits in using distribution lists, as it can reduce unnecessary meetings, and trouble in communicating with each user separately, which is time-consuming. Also known as distribution groups, they can be organized based on a subject or by people who are part of a common work type. As they will need to communicate often than others, distribution groups will be a very useful feature in Microsoft 365.

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Tips to Share Your Calendar in Outlook.Com

9/30/19 8:47 AM / by Alex K Joseph posted in Contract Management


Your employees will need to engage in multiple events, activities, and tasks each day as part of completing projects. Scheduling and arranging all these activities without conflicts and scheduling errors is essential to get things done in the best way possible. By sharing your calendar in you can let other users add it to their calendar view. However, it depends on the type of permission you grant them that decide what they can do with the calendar. There are also options to publish the calendar and share the link with others.

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5 Ways A Contract Management System Improves Business Processes

9/6/19 8:32 AM / by Alex K Joseph posted in Office 365, SharePoint, Contract Management


Intelligent and safe handling of contracts and vendor details are a must-have for all businesses. The quality of contracts management is greatly seen in business processes. When handled well, contract management can favor your business’s strategic requirements. However, the process becomes a bane when things go wrong. A good contract management system is what businesses need today to stay in the right shape. Dock’s Contract Management System is one such solution that can assure you great results without falling into unexpected errors, expenses, and missed dates. First, let’s discuss more about what to expect from today’s Contract Management Solutions.

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