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Prepare A SharePoint Team Site for Project Management In 4 Quick Steps

10/23/19 7:30 AM / by Alex K Joseph posted in Project Management, SharePoint Intranet, SharePoint Team Site


SharePoint is offering plenty of powerful features to users for accomplishing various objectives. When approaching SharePoint with a project management perspective, you will see that there is more than enough potential left in this platform to help you achieve more. Let’s discuss more on utilizing the built-in features of SharePoint for managing projects and tasks exceptionally. You can perform all necessary project management requirements such as tracking progress, handling documents in different versions, and most importantly, keeping deadlines.

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Top Ways to Configure a SharePoint Project Management Portal

10/21/19 8:43 AM / by Alex K Joseph posted in Project Management, Intranet Portal, SharePoint Team Site


Microsoft SharePoint is a fantastic project management tool that offers plenty of functionalities. Automated workflows, efficient document management, search, and configurable lists are some of the major highlights of SharePoint. The best thing about project management using the SharePoint platform is that it allows you to bring all your project information into one place. This will ensure that reporting and collaboration are effortless and most effective. With this blog, we are aiming to enlighten your knowledge about the top ways to configure a SharePoint Project Management Portal.

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Technology Can Enhance Project Management, But Do You Know the Best Tools?

9/20/19 9:04 AM / by Alex K Joseph posted in Project Management


Successful projects bring reputation, productivity, and of course money. Getting projects completed with the right quality and quantity in time is the perfect formula you can apply to witness success consistently. As technology is here to help you out in all business processes today, things got a lot easier than yesteryears. Project Management Systems are very common in businesses aggressively following big goals. We would like to give your organization a guideline on finding the right tools that can help you manage various project management areas. By this, you can save three things: Time, Energy, and Money.

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