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An Overview of Contract Management Workflows

With Dock 365, creating workflows to automate contract management processes has never been simpler. With several different workflow options, you can enable flexible workflows to manage and organize various sequences within your contract management system. The most commonly used workflows include approval workflows, status workflows, notification workflows, and automation workflows. Each workflow type serves a specific purpose to increase efficiency and productivity within your business’s contract management system.

The Steps of The Contract Lifecycle Management Process

Contract lifecycle management is the process of overseeing every step of a contract’s lifecycle, ensuring that tasks and obligations in each step are properly completed from contract creation until contract expiration.

Importance of Flexibility in Automated Contract Workflows

Do you use automated contract workflows in your contract management system? If so, you are already a step ahead of your competitors. To make sure you continue having the edge, ensure that your automated contract workflows have a certain degree of flexibility.

9 Ways Contract Automation is Changing Contract Management in Business

The future of contract management will be significantly impacted and shifted by the introduction of contract automation. Digital workflows and AI technology that power contract automation create efficiency in your contract management process. When working with enormous amounts of metadata, by introducing digital workflows, contract automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) you can take your contract lifecycle management process to the next level.

Workflow Automation in Contract Management Software

Workflow automation is a feature offered by contract management software that can greatly increase efficiency and productivity while maximizing results. During the contract lifecycle, a contract will travel through various steps, being handled by many different people. It can prove to be difficult to communicate and signal to who and to where the contract is supposed to go next. Simplifying the who, the where, and the action for the contract’s next steps is where workflow automation sweeps in and saves the day.

How to Disable or Enable SharePoint Site Collection Features

Microsoft SharePoint is a world-class collaboration and productivity platform. Businesses, schools, organizations, and even others can make the most of this platform and all its services to achieve smooth and efficient document sharing and collaboration. You can create sites and document libraries to organize, coordinate and collaborate on various aspects of your workflows. As part of empowering the users to work and manage processes efficiently, Microsoft is presenting a bunch of site collection features. In this blog post, we are going to show you how to disable or enable SharePoint Site Collection Features. Let us go straight into the details.

Safety Management System: A Beginners Guide

Safety in workplace should be a primary concern for every organizations. There are many factors in a workplace that could be overlooked, which could inevitably result in harming the employees. There have been many such incidents nationally and internationally. Taking into consideration these mishaps and the well being of the employees, there are certain industrial standards to follow, in order to ensure safety. Entire teams spend hours of works into ensuring safety of the workers by in depth learning of the environments, careful planning and coordination, and sheer perseverance.

How to Create Basic Workflows in SharePoint Online

SharePoint is a great, highly customizable platform that can help companies accomplish anything they can think of. One of the premiere features is the ability to generate workflows that can automate a lot of your business processes. There are several types of workflows and different ways that you can create them. Today, we want to go over some basic workflows and the steps that you need to follow to create them.

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