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6 Things to Look for when Choosing Contract Management Software

Let's be honest; contract lifecycle management isn't fun. It can be a long and tedious process that leaves everyone involved with a headache. There are a ton of small, menial tasks required that can gum it up and open the door to mistakes in the contracts or their management. However, do not despair; there is a solution:  contract management software.

Contract management software automates all those menial tasks, reducing human error in many capacities, and simplifies complex contract workflows. 

7 Ways a Compliance Management System Can Benefit Your Business

It doesn’t matter what your business is, compliance management is a necessary part of operating. If you can’t ensure your company is adhering to the rules, then you risk getting shutdown. The thing is, it’s easy to say, “you need to maintain compliance,” but not many people describe how. As a result, many companies’ approach to compliance management is to cross their fingers and hope. This bare bone approach to compliance management can hurt your company in the long run. That’s why it’s important to invest in a compliance management system. Compliance management software is a fantastic tool that can help your company maintain compliance. If you’re still not sure, let’s look at 7 ways compliance management software can help your business.  

What Compliance Management is and Why it's Important

No matter the industry, all companies have a series of laws and regulations they need to adhere to. These cover all sorts of topics including health, safety, finance, security and more. All companies need to adhere to these or else they risk facing fines, regulatory action, or worse. By making sure that your business is adhering to these you are making sure that you are in compliance. This is called compliance management, and it is important for all companies to instituteThere is a lot that goes into compliance management – let us look into the specifics of it. 

8 Things You Should Know About Safety Management Systems

Every company is different. The work that you do daily is going to look different than what happens at another business. However, one thing that should be the same at every company is a commitment to safety and quality. All companies need to be doing their utmost to protect their employees from incidents and follow safety regulations. To that end, a safety management system can help businesses of all sizes and industries. However, most people do not know that much about safety management software. To help, we have compiled a list of eight things you should know about safety management systems.  

How Contract Management Software Helps Sales Leaders Close Deals Quickly

Any salesperson worth their salt knows that speed is the most important factor in closing a deal. If you can't move prospects through your sales cycle quickly you'll lose them. The more time prospects have to think is more time they have to reconsider using your product. That's why you can't afford to let your prospects languish as you spend time looking for the right contracts, waiting on approval from specific people, or negotiating different line items. 

Why Companies Need Safety and Risk Management Software

No matter how you try to avoid it, employees are inevitably going to get injured on the job. Workplace accidents happen, and when they, those affected could face being injured or left disabled. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2018 there were 2.5 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported by private industries. Like we said, these things happen.

How Contract Management Software Can Benefit Your Business in 2021

2021 is just around the corner. Now is the time to start looking at your company's processes and looking for ways to improve them. One process that many businesses find rough is contract management. Trying to track and manage contracts throughout their life cycle can be a struggle. That's why you should consider adopting contract management software in 2021.

6 Ways an Automated Help Desk System Can Benefit Your Company

A recent study found that by the end of 2020 the key brand differentiator will no longer be competitive pricing and product quality but instead overall customer experience. Basically, customer service and support is very much an area that you need to focus on in the coming future. In fact, having poor customer service can hurt your business. A study from Vonage found that companies in the US lose more than $62 billion per year due to poor customer service. One of the best ways you can improve customer support at your business is to adopt an automated Help Desk system. If you're not sure about adopting a Help Desk system, take a look at these 6 ways your company can benefit from adopting one.

11 Must Have Features Your Contract Management System Should Have in 2021

Top Features of a Contract Management System
  • Easy to Use Dashboard
  • Centralized Storage
  • Advanced Search Feature
  • Automated Alerts
  • E-signature Integration
  • Templates for Quick Start
  • Workflows to Automate Tasks

The modern and revolutionary technological advancements available today have completely changed the game in contract management. Contract management software is a powerful tool that can alleviate all of your contract-related tensions and make managing lifecycles organized and effortless. It’s time to start thinking about the tools you're using in your organization’s contract management processes. Consider the results you are currently receiving from your contract management system. Is there room for improvement? Perhaps transitioning to Dock’s Contract Management System is the right move for you.

Contract management software is an important part of any business. If your contractmaintenance software isn't making contract lifecycle management easy for your company, now might be the time to start looking for a new one. To help you with that, we have developed a list of comprehensive list of 11 of the most "must-have" features for a contract management system in 2021.

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