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10 Important Features to Expect From Your Help Desk Software

One of the most basic rules of business is that you need to keep your customers happy. Because, as the saying goes, a happy customer is a loyal customer. With how uncertain everything is right now, it's important to be on the lookout for ways to maintain your customer relationships. There are plenty of ways you can do that, but one of the most effective is adopting a modern help desk solution.

How to Get Started with Content Marketing

You've probably already heard the term "content marketing" in the past. While business blogs have spent the last several years turning that phrase into a buzzword, that doesn't change the fact that content marketing can be an incredibly effective marketing tool.

How Social Intranet Helps With Remote Working

Even before the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, companies everywhere had the potential to benefit from the use of a social intranet. Now that many organizations have switched to remote working, having a powerful intranet portal can help facilitate many of the important process required to effectively work from home. Let's take a look at several different ways that using a social intranet can help your employees work remotely.

5 Useful Tips HR Teams Can Use to Handle Remote Working

Over the past several weeks, it's become apparent that the shift to remote working may be more permanent than many companies realized. What was originally supposed to be two weeks of social distancing has turned into two months. With widespread remote working looking like the new norm, HR teams need to be preparing to institute more long-term human resources solutions. Let's take a look at several tips that HR teams can use to adapt to remote working.

5 Customer Metrics You Should be Tracking

Without the right data to back you up, it's impossible to make effective, informed business decisions. There is a ton of data that you can gather throughout the sales process. Knowing which metrics to prioritize tracking can help you refine your approach and increase your likelihood of converting a prospect. With that in mind, here are 5 customer metrics we recommend tracking in order to make informed business decision.

6 Important Features to Expect From Your CRM in 2020

A company lives or dies by its relationships with its customers - and that's more true than ever right now. With sales slowing down and prospects drying up, it's important to make sure your sales team is doing everything it can to meet your quota. Recently, we've explored how to maintain sales and retain customers while working remotely. Today, we want to explore the tools that you're using, specifically, your CRM.

How to Maintain Customer Relationships While Working Remotely

Concerns over the coronavirus outbreak have led to a shift in the way that we work. Remote working has become the new norm, and with that comes the need to readjust how we approach different aspects of business. One area in particularly that you should be focusing on is how you are managing your customer relationships.

5 Strategies for Building Team Collaboration

Right now, more than ever, effective team collaboration is a key component of any successful business.

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