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5 Things That Happen When A Site Is Connected to An Office 365 Group

Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 is a great combination that brings a lot of features in abundance. Collaboration between employees and teams is greatly enhanced by SharePoint and Office 365 services. Today, we are about to talk about connecting a SharePoint site to a new Office 365 group. In many cases, the users are not generally aware of the things that happen in the background of the process that is not easily noticeable. When a site is connected to an Office 365 group, 5 things happen along with it. Let’s get into details.

SharePoint Home Sites - The Next Big Thing In SharePoint Intranet

The greatest strength of a great digital workplace is always an intelligent intranet. SharePoint and Office 365 has introduced plenty of innovations to make the intranet a more practical, efficient, and productive solution for all organizational challenges. Some of the best advantages offered by SharePoint intranet include improving employee communication & engagement, solutions for sharing content and collaboration, and accumulating collective knowledge as part of connecting people and content.

The Latest Innovations Announced for Microsoft Stream

From the beginning of the digital age, many kinds of contents were introduced to inform and influence people. Text and audio are examples for the type of content that are widely used. Videos are the type of content creating more impact today. This is where Microsoft Stream marks its relevance. Being an enterprise video service, it can upload, view and share videos within an organization securely. Launched in the year 2017, Microsoft recently announced some great features to ensure that Stream delivers what modern organizations are demanding today. Let’s give you a detailed awareness of what to expect.

Intranet Portal Software & Advantages Offered by Microsoft Search

Collaboration tools like an intranet portal software, especially one that is built on SharePoint, needs to have exceptional document storage and retrieval features. Microsoft Search is an exceptional feature, organizations can utilize to make work easier, quickly done, and to find everything they want faster. The biggest advantage with Microsoft Search is that it can bring all possible search results across the workplace, that increases productivity. It not only makes information retrieval secure but also combines with public web results which make the output look more sensible. Here are the 8 amazing advantages offered by Microsoft Search according to us. With exceptional search features, you can easily find and collaborate on documents on an intranet portal software.



5 Stunning Features of Office 365 That Can Boost Productivity

Organizations around the world use Office 365 for getting tasks done with accuracy and perfection. The set of enterprise productivity apps included in the Office 365 list is amusing. You might not be using every app in the Office 365 set daily. However, considering the tasks and challenges that an organization face daily, each one of them will come into play one day or the other. There are plenty of Office 365 tools and tricks available to make it easier to process tasks and projects. Adopting an employee self service portal can improve the productivity at your organization.

User Experience in A Multi-Geo Environment Explained – Part 2

We have explained a handful of instances regarding the end user experience in the Multi-Geo environment, in the first part of this blog. Let’s continue learning about some more instances in this streak, by putting more light into your understanding about a OneDrive Multi-Geo Configuration.


A Quick Guide to Customize Reports in Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics

Microsoft 365Usage Analytics is a fantastic source to get information on how your employees are adopting Microsoft Office 365 services. Visualize and analyze the data to see what can be done to help them work better. You can also create custom reports and share the insight within your organizations for planning and executing processes to make Office 365 adoption successful. This is a quick guide to customize reports in Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics to make them work better.



Multi-Geo Capabilities in OneDrive And SharePoint Online & Intranet Portal Software

SharePoint and OneDrive is a widely accepted platform by enterprise companies to cater to their collaboration needs and intranet portal software. Multi-geo capabilities are known for their ability to resolve problems regarding data storage of an organization or user. As it lets users store data in a preferred location on a per-user basis, it is easier to accomplish data residency requirements. The multi-geo capabilities in OneDrive and SharePoint Online provides complete control over the country or region where shared resources like Office 365 Group mailboxes and SharePoint Team sites are stored. This feature will also streamline the collaboration processes that are based on an intranet portal software powered by SharePoint and OneDrive.



Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics and Intranet Portal Software – Part 2

The power to visualize and analyze the Office 365 Usage data let you gain a lot of perks. And when you have power over that data, your intranet portal software that is built upon it will become a huge success. It can help you understand how departments or employees are utilizing the services offered by Office 365. The Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics is provided within the Power BI it can be defined as a content pack that takes you to a pre-built dashboard, along with some very useful pre-built reports. The first part of this blog series explained all about this to you. Here are the rest of the reports that you will receive from the Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics and Intranet portal software.



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