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How To Create a Glossary Page in SharePoint

Search engines like Google have largely replaced the need to use physical dictionaries to find the definition of words. Why spend time digging through a book when you can Google a word and learn its meaning within a second?

How to Use the Quick Chart Web Part in SharePoint

Microsoft Office tools take data processing to a whole new level. Considering SharePoint, this platform is used for efficient sharing, processing, and use of data. SharePoint offers a unique feature that leverages charts and graphs to showcase data. In this blog, we'll teach you how to use the SharePoint Quick Chart web part to easily design pie charts and column graphs in your SharePoint pages.

How To Create A List in SharePoint from An Excel Spreadsheet

Microsoft Lists is a fantastic option for processing large amounts of data. You may be familiar with Excel Spreadsheets for storing and monitoring data lists. Excel spreadsheets continue to assist companies in managing data lists. Microsoft Lists is capable of efficiently processing and tracking data, so transitioning your spreadsheets to a SharePoint List is one of the best decisions you could make. In this blog, we'll explain how to create a list in SharePoint Online from an Excel Spreadsheet.

Easy Ways to Access SharePoint Usage Reports

Here at Dock, we analyze employee site usage reports gain insights on various data points. For example, we aim to learn how many employees visited certain sites, which documents were access most frequently, and which behavior patterns guide their use of our online resources. Anyone using SharePoint can easily retrieve this data, and in this blog, we'll discuss two easy ways to do so. 

How To Use the Quick Links Web Part in SharePoint Online

Web parts provide users the ability to add functionalities and features to their modern SharePoint pages. There are many web parts available in SharePoint that allow users to complete a wide variety of tasks directly from the page. In this blog, we'll talk about the Quick Links web part. As the name denotes, this web part helps you showcase your most frequently used documents and items in an easily accessible section. Now let’s see how to use the Quick Links web part in SharePoint Online.

5 Best Use Cases for SharePoint Spaces

SharePoint pages support workplace collaboration and information sharing. There's no doubt that SharePoint pages is a leading solution for collaboration due to its impressive capabilities. Now with the introduction of SharePoint Spaces, you can implement 3-D objects and virtual reality content within your platform. You might be wondering how your business could effectively use items like 3-D objects and VR within your strategy, and in this blog, we will discuss five of the best use cases for SharePoint Spaces.

How To Create A SharePoint Space

The upgrade of SharePoint Online from Classic to Modern pages has certainly impressed us all. The added features, visual aesthetics, and advanced capabilities enhance the user experience. Microsoft has introduced SharePoint Spaces, an incredible innovation providing businesses the ability to showcase data and information in an immersive manner. In this blog, we will demonstrate how to create a SharePoint Space and discuss various factors that should be considered to create an excellent experience.

How to Notify Users Instantly After Uploading a File to SharePoint

Sharing files with your colleagues is easy when you have a Microsoft 365 subscription. SharePoint offers amazing file sharing and collaboration features for businesses and organizations. By utilizing SharePoint sites, document libraries, and advanced permission settings, businesses can double their productivity. It's critical that everyone is kept up to date on ongoing activities and that files are shared properly throughout your organization.

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