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5 Business Situations Where You'll Want Your Business On the Cloud

9/14/18 8:23 AM / by Dock SharePoint Evangelist posted in SharePoint Online, Microsoft OneDrive



For every decision made for your business, it must be weighed against the effect on efficiency, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. No doubt you chose your location, computer network, and inventory suppliers based on these policies along with almost every other aspect of the business. Naturally, you need offices that enhance your team's productivity and software that makes tedious office tasks faster and more enjoyable. Every time you make a change, you decide the best move based on what it will do for your product quality, marketing value, customer satisfaction, overhead costs and how you manage your business documents should fit right into your modern digital strategy.

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External Sharing in SharePoint Online- An overview

8/24/18 5:00 AM / by Sneha Gopal posted in SharePoint Online, Azure Active Directory, SharePoint Intranet Portal


One of the major benefits enjoyed by organizations that are part of the SharePoint Online environment is undoubtedly the ease of collaboration, not just with their employees but also with customers, vendors or partners. All thanks to external sharing features of SharePoint Online that enable you to share content with people outside your organization.

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