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5 Power Automate Templates to Stay Informed While Working Remotely

Remote work isn't entirely new for the majority of us. Nowadays, we are trained to work remotely and get everything done the same way we did in our previous office environments. With Microsoft Office 365 and the amazing solutions the software provides, remote work is easier than ever before. Microsoft Office 365 has several features to keep you well-informed while working remotely.

Microsoft Teams is a brilliant communication and collaboration platform where you can manage all of your work in a single location. Let's discuss 5 Power Automate Templates that will keep you informed about various critical activities while working remotely. Read about Power Automate here.

4 Ways to Prepare for the Retirement of Skype for Business Online

Skype for Business Online is considered a major milestone for Microsoft. Millions of people use Skype for Business Online to increase efficiency in daily business communications. However, in July 2019, Microsoft announced the retirement of this excellent communication solution.

The end of Skype for Business has been a popular topic in recent years. Business professionals are waiting for Microsoft Teams to officially replace Skype for Business. While it has been 2 years since the retirement of Skype for Business, a large share of users switched to Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is the next level in this great innovation introduced by the company. Currently, there is half a month left for the official retirement of Skype for Business. 

How to Customize the App Store in Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft Teams platform offers several apps that can double productivity and help your team reach objectives. The App store in Teams lets you find hundreds of apps to help communicate, automate, consolidate, and collaborate in different ways. This App store is home to all apps available for you to integrate into your software.

There are several popular apps available in the App store. By using the search function, easily filter through various apps, select an app, install it, then use it within Teams effortlessly.

To learn how to customize apps in Microsoft Teams, click here.

The Teams Apps store is customizable, so you can design it to match your company's branding. 

Let's discuss how to customize the App store in Microsoft Teams.

How to Customize Apps in Microsoft Teams

In Microsoft Teams, you can customize apps to both rebrand and integrate them into your digital workplace. If the app developer allows Teams admins to make customizations to the app, you can set custom preferences to enhance your Teams experience. The biggest advantage in this process is the ability to make these apps looks like an extension of your internal tools. If you already know how to use apps in Microsoft Teams, then knowing the best apps and how to customize them will let you maximize your use of the Teams platform. Isn’t that cool?

Let us discuss how to customize apps in Microsoft Teams.

5 Ways to Boost Collaboration in Microsoft Teams Using Power Automate

Microsoft Services and Productivity Solutions are brilliantly designed to boost your communication and collaboration capabilities. However, to maximize these capabilities, it is necessary to combine several popular Microsoft Solutions such as SharePoint, Outlook, OneDrive, and Teams. One notable tool that enables users to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks is Power Automate. Let’s discuss five ways to boost collaboration and productivity in the Microsoft Teams platform by using Power Automate templates.

How to Pop-out Chats and Apps in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration and communication platform that is revolutionizing the workplace during difficult times. This Microsoft innovation continues to impress us, as it is getting bigger and better each day. Introduced as the alternative to Skype, Teams quickly proved that it is not there just for simple meetings and chats. Understanding how the Microsoft Teams platform helped people during the UK lockdown is an excellent example. The features in Teams such as app integrations, SharePoint collaboration, and enhanced meetings and communication are what separate it from its competitors. Let’s discuss two features that made Microsoft Teams a standout for multitasking: pop-out chats and apps.   

How to Manage External Guests in Microsoft SharePoint and Teams

Businesses and organizations around the world are getting smarter and future-ready with Microsoft Solutions. Advanced collaboration, communication, and data management capabilities are highlights of Microsoft solutions. The University of Otago in New Zealand recently exploited these possibilities to enrich their student experiences and engagement systems. Your business can also make use of these possibilities if you have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription. For every organization, it is challenging to collaborate or engage with external guests. Both Microsoft SharePoint and Teams are platforms that come with outstanding external guest managing capabilities. Let us see how to manage Microsoft Teams External Guest Access and SharePoint Guest Access with good control.

How to Search in Microsoft Teams Effectively

Ever since search engines became popular, searching online to learn is an important functionality. For all platforms and solutions, a search option is a must. People expect websites to include a search box. Search functionality using a search box is much more effective than scrolling and navigating through folders. It saves time and reduces the difficulty. Being a very popular collaboration and communication platform in modern workplaces, Microsoft Teams search is a hot topic. According to Microsoft 365 Corporate Vice President – Jeff Teper, Microsoft Teams consists of 145 Million Daily Active Users. Increased number of users means 10 times more searches. Understanding the demand and high expectations, Microsoft managed to make the search process easier and advanced in Teams. In this blog, we will explain how to search in Microsoft Teams effectively.

How to Use Tags in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams became highly popular after the Covid outbreak, growing from 20 million users in November 2019 to 75 million users in April 2020. As employees of companies all over the world started using Office 365 to boost productivity, Microsoft responded well.  In the last twelve months, Microsoft Teams introduced plenty of new features and options. Tags is one of these new features offered in Microsoft Teams.  

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