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How Intranet Portal Software Convey Powerful Messages to Employees?

An Intranet portal software is more than just a medium in your organization’s digital workplace today. They set the overall morale of your employees and treat them the way they need to be. By designing and tuning them up at the right level, you can keep your employees, productive, engaged and moreover happy & satisfied. In order to get this right, an intranet portal software should be able to convey powerful messages to users. 



SharePoint Home Sites - The Next Big Thing In SharePoint Intranet

The greatest strength of a great digital workplace is always an intelligent intranet. SharePoint and Office 365 has introduced plenty of innovations to make the intranet a more practical, efficient, and productive solution for all organizational challenges. Some of the best advantages offered by SharePoint intranet include improving employee communication & engagement, solutions for sharing content and collaboration, and accumulating collective knowledge as part of connecting people and content.

User Experience in A Multi-Geo Environment Explained – Part 2

We have explained a handful of instances regarding the end user experience in the Multi-Geo environment, in the first part of this blog. Let’s continue learning about some more instances in this streak, by putting more light into your understanding about a OneDrive Multi-Geo Configuration.


How to Make Your Organization Ready for Intranet Portal

When planning to establish a good digital workplace/ intranet portal for your organization, it is essential to have a comprehensive plan. It is not just about the knowledge of technology. Digital working is a concept or a complex process that affects every area or department in your organization. Intranet portal changes the way your employees approach work, the way they communicate, workflows and more. In order to avoid any unwanted confusions or workflow mishaps, you shall ensure a good digital working readiness in your organization. This should be done prior to launching any new intranet portals or digital working culture across your organization. Here are 4 major areas you need to concentrate while preparing your organization for digital working.



5 Myths About Intranet Portal: Solved

Businesses around the world are using a wide variety of concepts and technology to meet their goals. An Intranet Portal is one such concept that is welcomed and applauded by organizations of different sizes, and fields. However, there are several myths about Intranet portal that are holding back several organizations from exploiting this wonderful opportunity to organize, collaborate, and communicate with everyone important for their business. Efficient document sharing and storage, project management, Human resource management, employment training, etc are some of the basic features offered by an intranet portal.


5 Top Intranet Portal Trends

For last few years we are hearing a lot about the evolution of intranets and their new capabilities. Intranet portal has went through a lot of changes and along with new technologies and concepts, they have managed to serve organizations, stakeholders, and employees in an efficient, smart, and brilliant manner. Not only these platforms let its users perform tasks better, but they provided good control over resources, communication requirements, and collaboration with everyone important in a work environment.



How Your Marketing Team Can Utilize Modern Intranet Portal

Marketing is a fast developing and moving function within the company, having the best and most efficient tools at their disposal is essential to be successful. Having a Marketing team that leverages the company’s modern intranet portal allows for office processes to be streamlined and automated, which could just be the effective solution needed to get more bang for your marketing buck while reducing overhead.

Office 365 Intranet Portal for Internal Knowledge Sharing

How much time do you think an employee spends on average per week searching for information,  and collaborating internally? According to Interact Source, "19.8 % of business time – the equivalent of one day per working week – is wasted by employees searching for information to do their job effectively."

5 Lesser Known Benefits of a Modern Intranet Portal

Intranets can deliver several outstanding benefits. You might have heard about many of them before. Here we want to introduce you to 5 lesser known benefits about a modern intranet portal. Every organization will have a huge amount of information to manage and share with people. Employees, customers, vendors, clients etc. are people who must be served with the right data and interaction facilities. A modern intranet portal have all of them. Let’s see, what are those benefits that are lesser known about the intranets.

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